The Season, continued...
Trucks with their cargo of pumpkins wait in line to enter the 2006 Topsfield Fair.  
A team of growers set the tripod with block and tackle in preparation to load a pumpkin.  The year's work is over, but the relief of getting to this day is overshadowed by the tension of the delicate and potentially disastrous act of harvesting.
At the Topsfield Fair, forklifts will lift their load of giant pumpkins high in the air and twirl through the arena in a growling ballet of fruit and heavy machinery.
Joe Jutras drapes a sheet around his pumpkin to protect it from the chilly night air of Autumn. If the pumpkin gets too cool, its growth will slow or stop.
The Wallace homestead in August.
Larry Checkon's seed collection.
Growers spend a lot of time in the dirt. Here, Ron Wallace eyes a leaf he is about to cut away from a baby pumpkin. 
A neighbor poses with Ed Hemphill's massive 1068. 
Larry Checkon carved a cull into a July jack-o-lantern.
At Topsfield Fair, Dick Wallace visits with Ken Desrosiers, websmaster of, sets up to post live results from the Topsfield weigh-off.
Father and son wait in tense silence for the weigh-off results.
Fair-goers ogle the winning pumpkin in the Vegetable Barn at Topsfield Fair.