Scott Palmer with his pumpkin grown from the seed of his 2005 New England champion, which weighed 1,443 pounds.
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Rhode Island grower Peter Rondeau grew the big ones for competition, but added a few bright orange pumpkins for his wife and daughters to carve for Halloween.
Dave Stelts, of the Ohio Valley GPG, claims the distinction of having grown the biggest pumpkin of the 20th Century, a 1140 pounder that set the World Record in 2000.
Jack and Sherry Larue, of Tenino, Washington, separate their garden into His and Her pumpkin patches so each can grow their own.
Larry and Gerry Checkon, the King and Queen of giant pumpkin growers. The couple are the only husband and wife to claim individual World Records.
Plant pathologist Olaf Ribeiro was sucked into the world of giant pumpkins by a grower near his home on Bainbridge Island outside Seattle, Washington. Now his bio-detective work helps save old trees and giant pumpkins from the grim reaper.
Ed Hemphill, of New Brunswick, had a hard time getting prime seeds from American growers reluctant to share with a Canadian nobody. But in 2006, one  pumpkin in his patch promised to launch Hemphill into the ranks of  the world's greatest pumpkin growers.
Ron Wallace, left and his father, Dick Wallace, of Rhode Island.
Joe Jutras added long gourds to his garden for the first time in 2006.
Steve Connolly, of Sharon, Mass., made these long-handled shears to snip weeds from the center of his pumpkin patch.
The Growers
Dick Wallace with a baby rabbit from the Wallace farm.
Fred Macari in his patch.
Jack LaRue and one of his pumpkins.